Editor in Chief


Prof. emeritus Zoran Ž. Avramović


Prof. emeritus Zoran Ž. Avramović, DSc (PhD) was born in Jarebice, Loznica municipality, in Serbia, on September 10, 1953. He finished elementary and high school with great success. He has been awarded several diplomas in mathematics and physics. He graduated on time from the State University of Belgrade – Faculty of Electrical Engineering, with an average grade of 9.72/10 in five-year studies. He received his master's degree from that faculty (all excellent grades, in exams and master's degrees), and then he obtained a doctorate in technical sciences (1988). As an excellent student of the University, he had the right and at the same time studied mathematics at the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade. He was the champion of Serbia in mathematics ("first prize") and Yugoslavia in electrical engineering ("gold medal").

He was elected professor at several universities: professor at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering (since 1989) and professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (since 1992), University of Belgrade, Serbia. Professor at the Pan-European University APEIRON, Banjaluka, Serbian Republic, B&H (since 2006) and Professor at the Faculty of Transport, Communications and Logistics, Adriatic University, Montenegro (since 2008).

He was elected a full member of the Russian Academy of Transport (St. Petersburg, 1995), the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (Moscow, 2001), the Serbian Academy of Engineering (Belgrade, 2004) and the Academy of Electrical Engineering of the Russian Federation (Moscow, 2007). He is the Scientific Secretary of the Electrical Engineering Department of the Serbian Academy of Engineering.

Prof. Avramović has so far published: 335 scientific and professional papers, namely: 10 papers in journals referred to in the bibliographic database WoS (SCI), 3 papers in journals referred to in the bibliographic database SCOPUS database by Elsevier, in monographs of international importance there are 9 published chapters, 21 papers were published in international scientific journals, 29 papers were published in domestic scientific and professional journals with review, 150 papers were presented at international conferences held abroad and 114 at scientific and professional conferences held in the country, of which 28 by invitation.

He is the author of three scientific monographs of national importance and two university textbooks. For the needs of science and economy, he made 152 studies and projects.

He is the Editor-in-chief of the scientific journal JITA Banjaluka, published by APEIRON. He is the President of the Program Committee of the ITeO Conference, which is being held at APEIRON. He is a member of the editorial boards of over 20 international journals and more than 30 scientific conferences. He is a reviewer of a number of domestic and international journals and conferences. He is a member of several scientific, professional and professional societies and associations. As a technical consultant in the field of ICT (information and communication technologies), he is engaged, or has been engaged, in a number of state and private companies and societies, as well as sports federations and societies.

He was a mentor for 12 doctoral dissertations (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russian Federation, Ukraine), all of which received the highest grade: exceptional - A.

So far, he has received several valuable awards for his scientific, professional and pedagogical work. He won the gold medal of the Academy of Electrical Engineering of the Russian Federation "for contributions in the field of electrical engineering" (2005) and, at the suggestion of the Russian Federation, vice president of the World Electrotechnical Congress - WELC 2011, "Electrical Engineering of the future". He received one of the greatest scientific awards from the Russian Federation - the medal of Pavel Nikolayevich Jablochkov, awarded at the suggestion of the Russian Academy of Electrical Engineering. The prize in the form of a gold medal is named after a prominent Russian scientist and is awarded by the Russian Academy of Sciences for important scientific works, discoveries and discoveries.

On the occasion of 150 years of existence and work of the Association of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia (1868-2018), he was named an honorary member of SITS "for special achievements in the field of professional and scientific development of the Republic of Serbia" (2018). He was included in the edition "Who's Who in Bosnia and Herzegovina" for the periods 2014-2018. and 2018-2022. Based on his inventions and patents, he was included in the "Monograph of Yugoslav Inventors" (2001). He won a special plaque from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Zagreb "in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the development of scientific research in the field of transport" (1985). He was included in the esteemed 7th edition of the "International Directory of Distinguished Leadership" (1997, American Biographical Institute, Inc., Raleigh, N. Carolina, USA). 2009 he was honored by being elected an honorary member of the Association for IT of B&H "for his outstanding contribution to the development of the information society in B&H." He was proclaimed an honorary citizen of Peterhof on July 12, 1990.

Areas of scientific interests prof. Avramović are: Information and Communication Technologies, Software Engineering, Software Project Management, Programming Principles, Programming, Programming Languages, Computer Algorithms, Databases, Database Management Systems, Information and Communication Technologies in Traffic and Transport, as well as Signaling, Automation, digitization, telecommunications and railway management.

From 2018 to 2021, he was the rector of the Pan-European University APEIRON Banjaluka.